new Mode( id: String, data: Object )

  • data
    • name: String
    • category: String Category of this mode's keybinding.
    • default_tool: Tool Default tool that gets selected when joining this mode.
    • center_windows: Array Which center windows are visible in this mode. Options are 'preview', 'timeline' and 'start_screen'.
    • selectCubes: Boolean Whether the user can select cubes by left clicking in the preview
    • hide_toolbars: Boolean Hides the main toolbar
    • hide_status_bar: Boolean Hides the status bar
    • component: Object VueJS component describing the interface of the mode
    • condition: Condition
    • onSelect: Function
    • onUnselect: Function


Selects this mode.


Boolean. Returns whether this mode is selected.


Forces the mode tab menu to update. This may be necessary after adding new modes or changing certain properties.