Properties are used to dynamically assign properties to existing classes that are undo-relevant. The advantages of using properties include:

  • Value of property is properly handled by the Undo system
  • Property is stored in and loaded from .bbmodel files.
  • Property is copied when copy-pasting or duplicating an object

Properties are supported on the following classes:

  • ModelProject
  • Group
  • Cube
  • Locator
  • Face
  • Texture
  • Animation
  • Keyframe
  • KeyframeDataPoint

new Property( target, type, name, options )

Creates a new property on the target class

  • target: Class Target class
  • type: String Data type: Can be one of
    • string String
    • molang Molang value, supports both strings and numbers. Also creates an accessor property on the class (<name>_string) that returns the value as a string
    • number Number
    • boolean Boolean
    • array Array
    • vector 3 dimensional vector
    • vector2 2 dimensional vector
  • name: String Name/Key of the property
  • options: Object Optional additional settings
    • default: Any Default property value
    • merge: Function Custom merge function
    • reset: Function Custom reset function
    • merge_validation: Function Validates values before merging
    • condition: ConditionResolvable Condition for when to use this property
    • exposed: Boolean: Whether the property is exposed to the user. This currently applies to project settings (Project dialog) and keyframe data point properties (keyframe panel).
    • options: Object Turns the string input into a select input with the provided options. Currently only works for project settings.


// Creates a simple property named 'rotation' on faces
new Property(Face, 'number', 'rotation');

// Creates a property named 'cullface' on faces that is validated against a list of possible values
let valid_cullfaces = ['north', 'south', 'east', 'west', 'up', 'down', ''];
new Property(Face, 'string', 'cullface', {
    merge_validation: val => valid_cullfaces.includes(val)


Deletes the property

Property#merge( instance, data )

Merges the property value from data into the property on the instance of the target class.

Property#copy( instance, target )

Deletes the property

Property#reset( instances )

Resets the property to the default value on the given instance